Minutes for 3rd October 2012


  1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF)  Pat Maclean (PMac), Stephen Booth (SB), Thomas Kottuppallil(TK), Marin Thomas (Marin T) Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) John Cook (JC), Brenda Williams (BW) and Paul Williams(PW). 


  1. 2.    Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.


  1. Apologies: Joseph Thachetu (JT), Ella Cwiertnia (EC), Maria Jones (MJ), Diana Pearce (DP).


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 19.07.12 were signed as a true record of the meeting (including change to spelling of ‘MacGregor’ in item 12). 


  1. Matters arising:


  • 8(e) Work on establishing whether parishes need to register for the Data Protection Act continues. Action (SC)
  • 9(d) The Broad Street Refurbishment Plans are now on hold (well done to everyone who took part in the consultation). Attention now focuses on moving the Bus-stops. Margaret Cleeve is continuing the fight on our behalf.
  • 9(f) Migrant Workers: Nothing further to report – many have returned home at end of harvesting.
  • 7 Youth Club – to begin on 20th October after the 6.00pm Mass. Open to Year 4 and above. Will be held every other week hand outs and posters have been distributed to both schools, the Altar Servers and in Church. (Marin T) will speak at the Masses on the weekend of 13th/14th October. Training session for leaders has been held, and young leaders will be the ones to run the club with support from a committee of PAC adults (BW, PW, JC).
  • 8 AGM. This was pretty successful with 28 attending.



  1. Fr Michael’s Report:

a)   2 baptisms, 1 wedding and 2 deaths since last meeting

b)   The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham was a great success. All aspects went well. It was well arranged and had a good mix of devotion and visits to places of interest. The accommodation was very good too.

c)    The Deanery Meeting without the Dean was disappointing. The only positive item was to welcome Fr Adrian Wiltshire to the Ledbury and Ross Parishes

d)   Please remember in your prayers the young members of the parish who are off to university this term.

e)   Buildings. The ceiling near the choir is showing signs of deterioration. Although unsightly it is paint, not plaster that is peeling off. However the water coming through the ceiling in Fr Michael’s bedroom is more serious and it appears some slates are loose/missing. Roofers are returning to fix without charge.

f)     Fr Simon’s work at the Washington Abbey has been recognised as he has been awarded the position of Cathedral Prior of Coventry. (Should it ever return to be Catholic once again). He is now the Very Reverend Fr Simon of Weobley and Kington. 


  1. Youth Matters:

(i)            First Holy Communion Classes for Children attending Non-Catholic schools begin after half Term (early November) (Action BW)

(ii)          Another Youth Member of the PAC is needed (Action SC and PW)



  1. Reports from members:


a)    (SF) The Curry and Quiz night was a great success and raised over £400


b)    (P Mac)

(i) To arrange a cake sale for Fr Polycarp after Christmas (Action P Mac)

(ii) Fair Trade profits are down this year article to go in Weekly Newsletter (Action PMac)



c)    (BW)

(i) Youth Club needs a ‘start up’ fund – once up and running should be self financing with members paying subs each week and a tuck shop. £50 agreed.

(ii) Pool Table will be covered with a lid and can then double up as an altar or work station for all annexe users.

(iii) Can we utilise the middle cupboard for storage? Can the mops and buckets be moved from entrance to Annexe?


  1. 9.   Finance

a)    Accounts presented at the AGM show a healthy balance. Any queries will be answered

b)    Collections have picked up in September after a dip in August

c)    Finance Committee due to meet in October or early November (Action SB).


  1. 10.                 Year of Faith

a)    See attached sheet of proposed activities from now until November 2013.

b)    PW to talk at both Masses on the weekend of 20th/21st October when the ‘Pledge Cards’ are to be distributed. These will then be brought up to the Altar during the Masses on 27th/28th October. Also ‘Pledge Cards could be sent out to all those recently Baptised, made their First Communion or Confirmation. (Action PW)

c)    The first two events seem very close together (i.e. Friday and Saturday end November beginning December. This needs serious thought as it may be seen as too close together when there are no more activities until January. (Action SC and JC)

d)    (TK) Also ‘Year of the Rosary’ should be promoted

e)    (PW) Christmas Fair can be used as an opportunity to show Hereford how we Christians work together and support each other. Paul’s visit to Kingstone High School to talk to Year 8 about the Church and Catholic Faith went well.

f)     (SC) The Walsingham Pilgrimage will again feature in next year’s programme of events. Looking at possibility of taking St Anne’s Guild out for afternoon visit, using mini bus or cars. (Action SC and PW)


  1. Matters raised by parishioners:

a)    (SB) Concern over Hymns. Answer: The fact that not all verses of the hymns are sung and the tempo of the music is down to the organist.

b)    (JC) Concern over visiting priest not using microphone properly. Answer: This does happen. They are all given a demonstration, but some are reluctant to use a microphone or position it poorly or even just forget to turn on. This is difficult to manage during Mass.


  1. AOB:

a) Would the Music/Folk Group play at Saturday Evening Mass sometime? Yes (Action PW).

b) Tesco Voucher Scheme. We could use facilities offered by Belmont but they will take a cut. We will look into it (Action SB).


  1. Dates of next meetings:


Wednesday 7th November at 7.15 pm.

Thursday 6th December at 7.15 pm.