Minutes for 26 April 2012

1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF) Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) Maria Jones (MJ), Joseph Thachetu (JT), Ella Cwiertnia (EC) Maggie Daron (MD), Pat Maclean (PMc), Brenda Williams(BW) and Paul Williams(PW).

2. Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.

3. Apologies: Stephen Booth (SB), Marin Thomas (Marin T), John Cook (JC), Tom Allen (TA), Thomas Kottuppallil(TK).

4. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 29.03.12 were signed after the following amendments were made: 

  • 8(d) comma inserted in correct position; 
  • 9(a) ‘(Melbin K)’ should be ‘(Melbin T)’;

5. Matters arising:

  • 5: 8.2 the role of (SC) and (SF) in ‘Youth Matters’ was clarified; 
  • 5: 8.4: The ‘Wintershall Passion’ had only a handful of people to watch and not enough of these wanted to stay for the whole 3 hr showing. It was decided to show it in 2 sessions on 5th and 12th May after the 6.00pm Mass Action (Melbin T)
  • 8(c) the comment re: teenagers ‘was the school experience’;
  • 8(d) 3rd bullet point:  the impression that ‘evangelisation’ should replace ‘fund raising for buildings’ was not intended; 
  • 8(e) Data Protection Act applies to all organisations holding information on computer or paper files; so we probably need to register Action (SC)
  • 9(d) The petition re: ‘Parking Fines’ now needs to go to Herefordshire Council  Action (PW)
  • 9(f) Migrant Workers: According the Herefordshire Council 19 farms employ 5000 foreign workers in the summer months roughly 70% are Polish and therefore Catholics. The Baptists and Methodists have a well developed outreach service for these workers. This could be raised at the next deanery meeting Action (SC,) (FR M)
  • 11: Annex painting and purchase of tea urn still to go ahead Action (SC)
  • 12: Will Peter Fawcett be well enough to obtain permission for Corpus Christi Procession? Action (SF)

6. Fr Michael’s Report:

  • 5 Baptisms and 1 death since last meeting
  • First Confessions 7 from parish and 17 from the school – they were all very well prepared and thanks go to the Catechists for working so hard with the children – also thanks to Fr Slater, Fr Cadfan and Fr Andrew.
  • Easter Liturgy – all feedback on our arrangements with the congregation of Hereford Cathedral have been positive – people seem to value the opportunity to pray together and thanks go to the Cathedral authorities for accepting the extra work involved for them due to the new translation.
  • Church is due to be open for visitors during Easter Week.
  • Beryl’s husband Brian has tidied up the garden but has now retired from grass cutting duties – Margaret Bubb has cut it recently but if she is unable to continue we need to make other arrangements.
  • Broad Street ‘improvement’ plans by Hereford Council still appear to be going ahead – although not pedestrianised, Broad Street will be re-modelled and have fewer parking spaces - there could be disruption for 77 weeks whilst re-construction takes place.
  • Hereford United ‘Speed Cage’ was not well supported and only£69 was collected – however thanks go to those who did attend and also to the young Hereford United lads who were very good with those (both young and not so young) who tested their abilities.
  • The quadrennial visit to Belmont Abbey concludes next Tuesday – Fr Michael remains heavily involved for next few days

7. Youth Matters:

  • Lauren has still to meet Jo Williams re: Youth Group. Action (BW) 

8. Reports from members:

a)   (PW) and (BW) were in High Town all day for the ‘Speed Cage’and reject the suggestion that ‘more collectors holding buckets, would have made more money’, for the following reasons:-

  • the cause was not well advertised on the buckets;
  • collectors were not easily identifiable especially when they moved away from the ‘Speed Cage’ itself;
  • it was a cold day and people did not like to linger;
  • people don’t seem to carry much loose change any more - they use credit/debit cards for shopping.

b)    (MD) (i) First Confessions were very good and children showed appropriate reverence – parents supported their children by using the opportunity to go to confession too.

(ii) Lenten Project: In a joint project with St Mary’s High School, SFX School raised £400 for Tanzania.

(iii) Water Project: Year 5 raised £100 for CAFOD. This will be added to £400 previously collected to allow 6 families to have clean water for life (Well done children fantastic effort).

c)    (MJ) (i) Numbers attending Children’s Liturgy is increasing Passion Sunday had 50 and Easter Sunday 60.

(ii) (TA) has joined the team and he is very good.

(iii) PAC was reminded that to conform to Safeguarding Regulations no one is ever left alone with the children.

(iv) A plea for petals for the May and Corpus Christi Processions will go out next week.

(v) (MJ) Angela Amor and Margaret Cleeve are standing down as Catechists fir the parish First Holy Communion Classes. The PAC on behalf of the whole Parish would like to thank Angela Amor and Margaret Cleeve for their excellent work.

(MJ) will now take on the Parish First Communion programme. (BW) has also agreed to do so with (Marin T).

d)   (Melbin T) we now have 32 trained servers. It has been agreed that 35 will be the limit (as we only have 22 albs). When that number is reached there will have to be a waiting list.

e)   (JT) A Malayalam language Sunday School has been started meeting at Our Lady’s Hall 2nd Sunday of month. There is a need to check with the Our Lady’s Safeguarding Officer that all regulations regarding CRB checks have been made. Action (JT).

f)     (BW) Welcome Pack 40 letters have been sent out we expected a slow response and so far 20 groups/individuals have replied all positive. Action (BW) to chase up.

g)   (EC) Although important to get migrant workers opportunity to get to Mass – some of our own parishioners find difficulty too. (This has been tried before but system needs a co-ordinator and commitment from drivers that many find difficult to sustain).

h)   (SF) Fundraising (i) Open Day on May 12th – growing list of people to invite- on day we need people to show visitors around the church and serve refreshments on the lawn (if fine) from 11am-4pm- a list to sign of those able to make cakes beforehand will be available on Sunday.

(ii) Concert in Cathedral (all profits to Xavier Saviour Fund) by Glasgow Phoenix and Hereford Police Choirs on 26th May – Parish is expected to sell 250 of 750 tickets on offer at £8, £10 or £15.  

(iii) Another concert has been booked in September this time with a choir from Dublin and the Hereford Police Choir

(iv) Funds are available from the ‘Round Table’ Action (SF) to investigate further.

(v) (SF) will update parish at end of 6.00 pm Mass Saturday and (SC) will do same Sunday at 9.00 am. Action (SF) and (SC).

i)     (JC) (Via e-mail) Is it possible for consideration of a 10.00 am Mass on the day of the Corpus Christi procession, as it would allow those attending Our Lady’s Parish to attend? (This is not possible, as too many changes to the time of Sunday Mass at SFX causes confusion. All Our Lady’s parishioners are welcome to attend SFX on that day or any other day).

j)     (SB) (i)Written report. ‘Easter Stewarding’ - disappointing number of people volunteered - SB to opt out of organising Stewards- Margaret Cleeve will organise now. Thanks to Stephen for work done so far.

(ii)           Returned Standing orders - Letter sent to about 15 of our SOs, chasing more than £1000 in 'lost' contributions. ‘A shambles from Arch / Bank’.

k)   (EC) The shrine for Pope John Paul II when approved by Fr Michael will be sited in the church and then paid for by ‘private donations’ not ‘public collection’.

l)     (SC) (i) Preparations for ‘Sponsored Walk’ to deanery churches going well

(ii) Pilgrimage to Walsingham going ahead (despite rumours to the contrary)

9. Finance: No report submitted

10. Evangelisation: No report submitted

11. Matters raised by parishioners:

a)   (i) Petal O’Hea has commented that it was good to see the booklet about the ‘History of the Church’ has been reprinted.

(ii) When will Journey in Faith be returning? – Answer (Fr M) replied that he is looking to over-haul RCIA in the parish to bring catechists and candidates together with a view to receiving candidates into the Church at Easter.

b)   Beryl Daw wishes to know what fundraising activities (e.g. Speed Cage) are for –the Church or the Annex? – Answer (SC) Both fundraising efforts are progressing simultaneously. Annex will be done as soon as funds permit.

c)    Theresa Allen commented how lovely it was to see a large number of children from the school at Mass and could this be repeated on a monthly basis? Answer. Although monthly ‘school’ Masses are to be welcomed it must be remembered that apart from the current Headteacher no members of the full-time teaching staff are parishioners or worship at SFX. The Liturgy Committee may like to take up the challenge of involving the children and older youth in the Sunday Liturgy

d)    Pat Clark Why is the 2nd collection is still necessary? – Answer (SC) will reply explaining how the collections have been used on maintenance.

12. AOB: None tabled

13. Dates of next meetings:

Thursday 31st May at 7.15 pm 

Thursday 28th June at 7.15 pm