Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 24th November2011

 Present: Father Michael, Paul Williams (PW), Stephen Cleeve (SC), Maggie Daron (MD), John Cook (JC), Stuart Fox (SF), Stephen Booth (SB), Regina Harrison (RH), Thomas Kottapullil (TK), Melbin Thomas (MT).

Apologies: Maria Jones (MJ), Brenda Williams (BW).

The Meeting was opened with a Prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting of 20th October 2011 were accepted as a true record.

Matters arising:  


a. SF will organise a talk to Parishioners about the Parish Questionnaire (Para 1c of the previous minutes).  

b. Fr Michael will speak to Fr Cenydd re the Deanery Education report.  Any questions about the report can also be raised with Anne Robinson.  (Para 6g of the previous minutes).

c. Fr Michael has not yet had the opportunity to poll Mass-goers to the 1pm Mass.  (Para 6i of the previous minutes).


Father Michael's report:


2. a. There has been one Baptism and two deaths since the last meeting.



a. Fundraising continues, there have been donations of £10,000 and £5,000 promised.  Each is offered on the strict understanding that the money is to be used for refurbishment of the Church/Annexe.  After discussion, SB was tasked to investigate the setting up of a specific purpose fund in Cardiff.

b. There are continuing problems with the heating in both the Church, Presbytery and Annexe.

c. Fr Michael wished to record a thank you to all involved with the Christmas Fair.

d. It was wonderful to have so many children from the Parish school taking part in the Youth Sunday Mass.  These links must be maintained and built on.

e. The Boyan Ensemble had played to a full Church.  The event was described as a high spot in what has been a poor tour.

f. Our new Archbishop is very pro-active.  He has appointed Fr Cenydd as Dean.  A letter of congratulation will be sent by the Chairman on behalf of the PAC.

g. The Abbot has concerns about financing the studies of young monks.  He had asked if Parishes would be amenable to a special retiring collection to raise funds.  The consensus of the meeting was that this should happen.

h. A Eucharistic Congress will take place in Dublin next year.  The Archdiocese has a number of options for those wishing to attend, e.g. five nights for £495 (excluding cost of transport to Dublin).

Member's Reports


 a. PW:  

(i)  The Christmas Fair raised £3,800 on the day.  Expenses have to be taken off, but it is hoped to raise about £3,700.  Two prints were inadvertently not entered in the auction and PW will invite bids for these items.  There is an opening bid of £50.

(ii)  In line with the decision that the organisers of the Fair should serve for two years, volunteers will be sought to replace SF.

b. SC:  Gave an outline brief of the initiatives from Clive Richards to hold two concerts in the Cathedral to raise money for the Church repairs.

c. JC:  

(i)  NET:  The other Parishes have now made their suggestions for amendments to the Mass Leaflet.  PW will submit the SFX amendments and the project can be taken forward.

(ii)  The film night for Advent will go ahead on December 2nd and planning is underway for a presentation in Lent.

(iii)  JC reported that the initiative by the Bishops called "Crossing the Threshold" has started.  There has been one meeting and a second is planned for February 2012 in Birmingham.  In the face of falling attendances at Mass over the last twenty years evangelisation becomes even more important.  It was agreed that there should be an information article in the Newsletter to ensure that we are aware of all new arrivals.  This ties in with the new Ministry of Welcomers.  SB will lead on taking this forward.

d. TK:  Last month the Rosary was prayed in 31 homes.  We are keen to get our Polish community more involved and it was suggested that a small shrine to Pope John Paul II be established.

e. MD:

(i)  The School had made a good collection for Operation Christmas Child - for children in Belarus.

(ii)  The "Pink Day" held on 21st October for Breast Cancer raised £200. 

(ii)  The School is now preparing for Christmas and all is going well.  PW said how grateful the Parish is for the contribution made by the children, staff and parents to the success of the Christmas Fair

f. SB

(i)   SB reported that the last seven weeks collections had been about £100 more than the same period last year. 

(ii)  It is a concern that on average £438 per week is not gift-aided.  This is a loss of revenue of £109 per week or over £5,000 per year.  

g. SF:

(i)  SF told the meeting of the huge amount of support we had received for the Christmas Fair from local businesses.

(ii)  SF has now received the material from Andy Milne and work will now start on populating the Parish website.

(iii)  The question of the future format and frequency of the Parish Together Day will be raised by SF when he talks to Parishioners about the Parish Questionnaire and other matters.

PAC Elections

5. Nominations have now been received.  There will be no requirement for elections as a restructuring of the PAC means that each vacancy has been filled:  

PW will resign as Chairman.  He will attend PAC meetings as a co-opted member in his role as Parish Administrator.  He will also take over as Secretary of the meeting.

JC will resign as an elected member and be co-opted as the representative of St Mary's School.
Thomas Allen and Marin Thomas will become the Youth Members.
SC and SF will serve for a second term.
MT will serve as an Adult member.
Pat MacLean, Joseph Thachettu and Ella Cwiertnia will serve for their first term of three years.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman posts will be voted on at the next PAC meeting

RH regretfully asked to resign for personal reasons.

Matters raised by Parishioners


a. The position of the Youth Chaplain was raised by PW.  After discussion it was decided that: The Youth Chaplain be invited to attend PAC Meetings as an ex-officio member. That the matter of how she is deployed within the Deanery be raised at the next Deanery Meeting

b. The dissemination of information about PAC meetings was considered to be lacking.  SC will write an article for the Newsletter telling people where the copies of the Minutes can be found and also that they can speak to any member of the PAC for assistance.  

c. RH asked about the light in the Ladies' toilet and the lack of heating in the Annexe.  There is no dedicated repair man, but a trawl will be made to find suitably qualified parishioners.  PW will attempt to fix the light.

d. SB reported that he had spoken to Petal about the next edition of the Xavier magazine.  The meeting decided that the magazine should have a themed section, but also contain pages of general interest.  SB will put a note in the Newsletter.

e. SB wondered if there was any way to improve the microphone?  PW explained that the microphone is excellent, but requires accurate positioning by readers.

7. The dates for the next meetings were set for Wednesday 11th January 2012 and Thursday 23rd February 2012 both at 7.15pm.  

There being no further business to discuss after a closing prayer the meeting was closed at 9:15pm.