Minutes for 24th April 2013


  1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Stephen Booth (SB), Joseph Thachetu (JT), Pat Maclean (PMac), Marin Thomas (Marin T) Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) John Cook (JC), Ella Cwiertnia (EC), Brenda Williams (BW) and Paul Williams(PW). 


  1. 2.    Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.


  1. Apologies: Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF) Diana Pearce (DP) and Maria Jones (MJ),


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 07.03.13. were signed as a true record of the meeting. 


  1. Matters arising:


  • 12b) Tesco Vouchers. We have a volunteer (Josephine Spencer) who will co-ordinate at SFX i.e. take orders, collect money and ensure Belmont Parish get paid on time. Action (SB) will support her to get things moving.
  • Fr Richard has yet to be approached re Ordinariate Mass/Collection. Action (Fr M)
  • Amount to be charged when choirs or other groups hire the Church has been set at £250
  • The date of the Deanery Bar-B-Que has yet to be set.
  • Corpus Christi Procession on 2nd June will be co-ordinated by Pete Fawcett and begin with Mass at 10.00am and begin procession at 11.00 am to allow others from the deanery to join. (SC) reports DAC happy with arrangements.
  • JP II Shrine. Due to shipping costs Fr M has decided that the kneeler would have to be bought in England Action (Fr M)
  • 6b) ‘Bucket Collection’ Gift Aid up and running
  • 6l) The stonemason commissioned to source the stone plaque has gone ‘AWOL’ The Historic Churches Trust cannot progress their decision until they have seen plans and a sample of proposed stonework.
  • 7a) St Patrick’s Night for the Youth Club went well
  • 8a) ii Decision on Fr Polycarp deferred.
  • 8d) ii 50 English version JP II collection envelopes have been printed and ready for placing in church Action (PW)
  • 8d) iii Fr M has yet to meet Fr Andrew
  • 8f) No reports submitted for circulation in advance Action (ALL)
  • 8g) i Only 20 pilgrims signed up for Walsingham. Cut off date early May to be reached before decision made to go ahead or cancel. Action (SC)
  • 8g)ii No takers from St Anne’s Guild for a trip yet –Maybe later in year (PMac) would also help with lifts if required.
  • 10a) List of the sick to be read out at Mass. To be added to prayer ‘and for all the sick and housebound of the Parish’ Action (PW) also a note once a month in Newsletter ‘Please let office know if you wish to be added to the sick list or no longer need to be included on this list’ Action (PW)
  • 11a) iii We will endeavour to open the Church until midnight – Youth Club to be involved Action (Fr M, Melbin T, BW) to look at details


  1. Fr Michael’s Report:

5 baptisms and 2 deaths and 1 wedding since last meeting.


a)   After the election of Pope Francis the Te Deum was sung at Mass on the Sunday.

b)   Abbot Paul celebrated both Masses on the weekend of 9th/10/ March. The Sunday mass coincided with Mothering Sunday and it was great to see the Children from the parish and school so involved in the liturgy. All took home flowers for their mothers.

c)    The Lent Lunches for CAFOD went well and exceeded last year’s total by raising £700.

d)   An enormous thank you to all who made Easter so special. Holy Week started well with a moving Passover Meal and culminated with our Anglican friends joining us for parts of the Easter Vigil.

e)   3 new Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist joined the team and they were commissioned on Maundy Thursday along with re-commissioning for current Extraordinary Ministers. (‘Training and Reflection’ took place on 17th February.)

f)     Fr Michael wishes to record his thanks to Fr Andrew and Fr Aidan for helping at the penitential service in the parish in Lent and to Fr Nicholas for joining Fr Michael at the School.

g)   We had an excellent talk by John Cook on the Turin Shroud on 11th March, and an inspirational talk on Science and Religion by Fr Andrew Pinsent which was well attended and enjoyed by all.

h)   At the Deanery Clergy Meeting on 9th April the Archbishop was sharing ideas on merging parishes including Monmouth and Ross. No parishes would be abolished but maybe served by different priests from the community.

i)     The Historic Churches Committee has approved the repairs to be done on the Church and work is expected to start in May.

j)     The Fund-raising committee is moving forward and we have just about enough funds to cover the church refurbishment including a donation of £1000 from the Jesuit community and £8000 from Hereford Historic Churches Committee.

k)   On a slightly worrying note someone has attempted to clean the Sanctuary steps. It will need a stone mason to advise/repair the damage.



  1. Year of Faith

a)     The clip showing Pope Francis visiting the Turin Shroud is well worth a look. 

b)     The turnout for Fr Andrew Pinsent was excellent – he talked to the pupils

of St Mary’s beforehand and spent time answering questions from the staff too – all without charge

c)      The Pope’s message regarding falling numbers attending Mass in western countires is to ensure ‘your parishes are missionary as well as maintenance’

d)     What then would we do if we had to close SFX due to low numbers or make do with one priest for us and Our Lady’s? 1) We need an action plan involving a Parish Mission (Do they have lasting effect?) that follows up the lapsed and ensuring we have an ‘up to date’ data base. We must enthuse others about the faith. Do the children from the parish and the SFX School children making their First Holy Communion next month come to Mass? Answer is not many! 2)We need a Pastoral Outreach Group. Action (Fr M, JC, SB, EC)



  1. PAC Constitution

a)     Some anomalies and gaps in current constitution. Action (SC, PW) to form working Group 


  1. Youth Matters:

a)     We would like a photo of current altar servers - date TBC. Action (Melbin T) 

b)     Evening visit to Bowling planned. Could money left over from the last trip be used? Yes. Action (Melbin T, BW) 


  1. 10.                 Reports from members:

a)     (PMac) (i) The noise from children running around during Mass was disturbing. The PAC felt that it was not a major issue but would monitor the situation. (ii) Could something be put in newsletter regarding mobile phone use in Church. Yes Action (PW)

b)     (JC) St Mary’s have organised a School Pilgrimage to Rome in 2014.

c)      (BW) (i) The parish First Communion children are joining SFX School for an all day visit to the Poor Clare Monastery on 29.04.13. (ii) Safeguarding The 3 new Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist will need CRB checks or equivalent before they can make home visits.

d)     (EC) (i) A meeting to begin work on producing the multicultural newspaper for Herefordshire has taken place and copies of minutes will be passed to the office for storage and circulation. All are welcome to the meetings - the next one is Thursday 8th May in the Annexe at 4.00 pm

e)     (PW) to attend a Church Tourism Day in Leominster Run by the C of E Church Tourism Group. (ii) PAC nominations for the 2 adult vacancies have been received from William Fawcett and Jaroslav Liska. We received 1 nomination for Youth member from Joanna Williams. Notices inviting them to the next meeting will be sent out after this meeting. Action (PW).

f)       (SC) (i) Deanery Walsingham Pilgrimage. Provisional date is 10th-12th July 2013 not many places taken up yet – May have to rethink plans Action (SC) (ii) Hadrian’s Wall Walk going ahead. More sponsors would be welcome.

g)     (Fr M) Thanks and farewell to Thomas Kottuppallil who has served the parish so loyally on the PAC.



  1. 11.                 Matters raised by parishioners:

a)     None




  1. AOB:

a)     (SB) St Michael’s Hospice need to raise £11.2m and are asking each church to donate £500. PAC agreed we need to support the hospice and put next year’s crib collection towards their funds.

b)     ‘What happened to Vatican II?’ ‘The Shape of Catholic Theology’ are two good books that have been added to the parish library.

c)      Will the new lime-wash wash off this time (see repairs). Answer no different from the last time now ‘hydrated’ lime-wash


  1. Dates of next meetings:


Thursday 23rd May 2013 at 7.15 pm.

Wednesday 26th June 2013 at 7.15 pm


The Meeting closed with a prayer at 9.00 pm