Minutes for 23rd May 2013


  1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Pat Maclean (PMac), Marin Thomas (Marin T), John Cook (JC), Ella Cwiertnia (EC), and Paul Williams(PW) and new members William Fawcett (WF) Jaroslav Liska (JL) and youth member Joanna Williams (JW)


  1. 2.    Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.


  1. Apologies: Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF) Diana Pearce (DP) and Maria Jones (MJ), Stephen Booth (SB), Joseph Thachetu (JT) Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) Brenda Williams (BW)


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 24.04.13. were signed as a true record of the meeting. 


  1. Matters arising:

I From Matters arising 24.04.13.

  • 12b) Tesco Vouchers. Work continues to get this project going. Action (SB) will support Josephine Spencer to get things moving.
  • Fr Richard has been approached re Ordinariate Mass/Collection and would very much like it to go ahead. Time to be arranged. Action (Fr M)
  • The date of the Deanery Bar-B-Que has been set as 17th or 31st July.
  • JP II Shrine. Now that we have English translation of the message on the collection envelopes this needs to be advertised in the Newsletter Action (PW)
  • 8g) As only 20 pilgrims signed up for Walsingham it has been decided to cancel for this year. Action (SC)

II From further sections of the minutes.

  • 7 Year of Faith – Pastoral Outreach See ‘Parish Mission’ below
  • 8(SC) and (PW) to continue work on new constitution
  • 9 Bowling for younger members of the church 15th June after 6.00pm Mass


  1. Fr Michael’s Report:

3 baptisms and 2 deaths and 37 children made their First Holy Communion. Special thanks to the parish catechists and the school staff for making it a very special day


a)   May Procession went very well; some children made it to Mass in their First Holy Communion clothes, which was good.

b)   Fund Raising continues with the successful Race Night (£450 raised).

We now have enough funds to begin work on repairs to the parapet. Scaffolding will appear soon. Although the parish raised enough funds to pay off much of the original refurbishment bill and continue to support building work via the weekly 2nd collection, the fundraising committee wishes to ensure some money is raised from outside the parish. To this end a Garden Party at Sir Roy Strong’s House ‘The Laskett’ has been arranged for May 2014. Tickets will cost £80 and music will be provided by an Elgar group.

Letters to the Jesuit order resulted in a donation of £1000 and from the Herefordshire Historic Churches Committee we received £8000.

c)    The scaffolding will be up for 3 months but the hoarding is very bland we need to do some graphics for it to make the church welcoming. Also on this note Brian Turner will redecorate the parts of the Narthex that have become damaged.

d)   At the Priests Council Meeting in Cardiff, the Archbishop revealed details of the new RE syllabus for Primary Schools ‘Come and See’ to replace the much criticised ‘Here I am’. The new syllabus looks impressive and clearly ‘Catholic’ with appropriate scripture references.

e)   As a thanks to all the work of the teachers at the primary school Fr M entertained them to dinner.

f)     Can we please have some post-cards made of views of the Church? Action all to source quotes


  1. Year of Faith

a)     A Parish Mission An example of what a mission entails and potential costs was presented by (JC). The Sion Community would send a team to work in parish for 2 weeks - 1st week visiting homes, 2nd week events and workshops in parish - to be tied in with school to maximise the benefits. There would also be some preparation visits involving key members of the community. The cost would be in the region of £ 5000 and the first dates would be Lent 2015. After a short discussion it was agreed to go ahead. Action (Fr M) to discuss with school and then to book the Sion Community.

b)     It was felt we should remind people of the Pledge Cards and ask them to consider how we are doing.

c)      The activities planned for the Year of Faith have all been completed to date.

d)     Would Fr Michael use the opportunity of his sermons to talk about the Mass? Yes Action (Fr M.)

e)     A Q and A pamphlet on the Mass was circulated. Action (PW) to get colour copies.

f)       Deanery Bar- B-Que to be organised for a Wednesday in July.

g)     Feast of St John Kemble 22nd August. Action (WF)

h)     As Walsingham Pilgrimage was cancelled (SC) will consider options for a day visit Westminster/Wells/Downside/Tyburn have been suggested  Action (SC)


  1. Youth Matters:

a)     Photo of current altar servers booked for 15th June, followed by an evening visit to TGS Bowling. Action (Melbin T, BW. JW)

b)     Chocolate Night at Youth Club was very successful

c)      London Tube Challenge. A fund raising idea from senior members (18+)  to visit as many tube stations as possible in 24 hrs Action (JW, Marin T)




  1. 9.   Reports from members:

 (EC) Community Newspaper. There have been several meetings of those interested in the newspaper and a committee of 5, (EC), (P Mac), Renata Bocian, Tadeusz Mucha, and Maria Pembridge was agreed at the last meeting. Fr Michael is to join them as an ex-offico nenber of the team. The name will be ‘ Here for All’  Multicultural Magazine – Herefordshire.

Ideas on editorial matters, advertising and articles initially in English and Polish were discussed.  Next meeting 5th June in Annexe. Minutes available in Parish Office. Action (PW)

a)     JP II Picture. Visit to Kracow to go ahead in July or August final date to be finalised. Action (EC)

b)     (SB via e-mail) Offertory collections currently higher than this time last year. We still need another Gift Aid talk Action (SB).

c)      (SC) Hadrian’s Wall Walk went well, great weather and a real achievement; well done to (SC and SF).


  1. 10.                 Matters raised by parishioners:

a)     Could we inform those who don’t drive, if there is transport available to major parish events? Yes we would look into setting up some kind of advance warning.

b)     40 hours. Would there be refreshments available? Yes in the Annexe.

c)      Could Mass start on time please on Sunday morning as some of the choir have been in the church since 8.15 am and don’t get away until 10.45 am? Yes we do try to keep to time but accept sometimes up to 5 mins late; practicing before Mass, (arranged by the choir themselves) instead of Monday evenings may have contributed their problem.


  1. AOB:



  1. Dates of next meetings:


Wednesday 26th June 2013 at 7.15 pm (Moved to 27th June)

Thursday 18th July 2013 at 7.15 pm.



The Meeting closed with a prayer at 9.00 pm