Minutes for 19th July 2012


  1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Thomas Kottuppallil(TK), Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) Ella Cwiertnia (EC), John Cook (JC), Joseph Thachetu (JT), Tom Allen (TA), Brenda Williams (BW) and Paul Williams(PW).


  1. 2.    Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.


  1. Apologies: Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF) Pat Maclean (PMac), Stephen Booth (SB), Maria Jones (MJ), Marin Thomas (Marin T),


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 31.05.12 were signed as a true record of the meeting. 


  1. Matters arising:


  • 8(e) Work on whether parishes need to register for the Data Protection Act continues. Action (SC)
  • 9(d) The petition re: ‘Parking Fines’ has gone to Councillor Bradshaw at Herefordshire Council. A fairly un-helpful reply was received and is published in the Narthex. It was announced in the newsletter that copies are available on request. The Broad Street refurbishment Plans will be available at a public meeting/consultation/exhibition on Weds 4th July in the Cathedral. Details to be published in Newsletter and members are invited to attend Action (PW) (SC)
  • 9(f) Migrant Workers: Fr Michael raised the issue at the last deanery meeting where it was agreed to contact the liaison officer of Herefordshire Council. Action (FR M)
  • 11: Annex painting went ahead and we wish to minute our thanks to all involved including Stephen and Margaret Cleeve Thomas Allen and especially Brian Turner for his expertise and skills. Please note that the water staining was thought not to be a serious problem as it was old damage and easily rectified. However some of the roof timbers are in a poor state. Action (Annexe sub-committee)
  • 6 The Corpus Christi Procession was not advertised to the Deanery and parishioners from other parishes were disappointed that they could not attend. We need to make sure that information is passed to the Deanery next year.  Action (PW)
  • 7 No response has been received from Lauren so the Youth Club will go ahead and link up with Lauren later. Action (BW)
  • 8(b) As agreed (PMac) was asked to purchase a new ‘Henry’ for the Annex? Action completed by Paul in the office
  • 8(c) The collection for the Shrine to Blessed John Paul II has begun. The envelopes are in a special holder in the Narthex and a newsletter item was inserted on June 30th/July 1st reporting on amount received so far. This will be repeated on a monthly basis. Action (PW)
  • 8(d) Volunteers have come forward to ensure that the Children’s Rug is put out at the 6.00 pm Mass on Saturday. A ’thank you’ note is in the Newsletter.
  • 8(e) Newsletter item published 28/29 Aug
  • 8(g) PW still to action Action (PW)
  • 8(h) SC still waiting for meeting with Annexe Committee Action (SC)
  • 9 (iii) SC reports all boxes that can be given out have been.
  • 9 (iv) Fr Michael has given the £1000 cheque to the school.
  • 10 Welcoming work is ongoing Action (BW)
  • 11 (i) Fr Richard now has his own radio mic.
  • 11 (ii) PW continues to publish Polish notices in Newsletter as required
  • 11(iii) (PW) reported that there is a training session in September but (EC) will be away
  • 12 (i) SB has volunteered for role as link person for Diocesan Ecumenical Activities.
  • 12 (ii) Notes have been published in Newsletter as requested.


  1. Fr Michael’s Report:
  • 3 Baptisms and no deaths since last meeting
  • A moment of quiet pray was offered for Councillor Julie Woodward the previous Mayor of Hereford who died suddenly last week. Councillor Woodward came to our ‘Open Day’ and visited the Church subsequently with the Mayor of Dillenburg our twin town because she liked the Church so much.
  • The Pilgrimage to Rome was a great success. It was trouble free and a deeply spiritual experience for all. All the major sites were visited and there was enough free time for everyone to ‘do their own thing.
  • Prayers were offered at Mass for The Diamond Jubilee of the Queen and the Church was suitably decorated by Paul and Brenda for the Queen’s visit to Hereford on 11th July
  • The Corpus Christi Procession went well photos are now on SFX web-site (see note above re: communication). Thanks to Pete Fawcett for clearing with police and civic authorities.
  • 37 children made their First Holy Communion but the following Sunday very few attended Mass. Can our Youth Members follow up? Also an invitation to a social event for the Confirmands of the last 2 years could bear fruit. Action (Melbin T), (TA)
  • The Mass at Longworth Chapel celebrated by the Archbishop was a wonderful occasion though less well attended this year; but as the Chapel is very small there was enough for all to sit and be comfortable.
  • The ‘Strawberry Tea’ preceded by Benediction last Sunday was a lovely affair and the sun shone down on all present. All those who attended said how much they enjoyed the day and we note our thanks and theirs to Mary, Jane, Lynne and Molly.
  • SS Peter and Paul began with Mass at SFX School. There were fewer parishioners at the 6.00 pm Mass due to the Mission being held at Our Lady’s. Fr Cenydd commented on the numbers who attended from SFX  and wished his own congregation showed the same enthusiasm
  • Investigation work on the parapet has taken place but we are informed that after the plans are drawn up and necessary permissions sought from English Heritage it could well be late 2013 before anything happens.
  • The Abbots Council met on 3rd July and the following moves were announced: Fr Richard from Ledbury and Ross to Abergavenny :Fr Tom from Abergavenny to Merthyr: Fr James to join Fr Tom and live at Gurnos (Who will become the Hospital Chaplin is still to be determined): A new diocesan priest will come to Ledbury and Ross: SFX and Our Lady’s to remain unchanged : SFX contract with Belmont is expected to continue until December 2015


  1. Youth Matters:
  • 2 young servers (Charles and Anastasia) joined the Guild of St Stephen last weekend. Marin received her ‘Green Belt’. New First Communicants are waiting to become servers. Action (Melbin T), (TA).


  1. Broad Street: The Broad Street Refurbishment Plans were seen at a public meeting/consultation/exhibition on Weds 4th July in the Cathedral.

Work will be carried out in 3 phases covering 77 weeks in all. Questionnaires handed out by the Council although pretty poor should be completed by parishioners and returned to the Council by the end of the month. There was strong feeling at the meeting that we ought to take some further, more direct action in the form of demonstrations, should the Council be deaf to our concerns. Action (SC), (SF), (All)


  1. Reports from members:


(a)          (JC)

(i)            A busy time at the school including a successful Pilgrimage to Lourdes and a talk by John Pridmore from the St Patrick’s Community who were leading the Mission at Our Lady’s.

(ii)           A new ‘Directory’ has been published of what to teach in diocesan Catholic Secondary schools. It speaks to the youngsters and engages them in a positive way to help them understand their faith and the issues that surround them today. Times are changing and so must the ways we respond to the needs of young people.


(b)          (BW) See matters arising re Youth Club


(c)          (EC) Shrine/Picture for John Paul II. A note prepared in Polish and English for the Newsletter and Narthex Action (PW) – Would Fr Michael draw people’s attention after Masses to the Shrine. Action (Fr M)


(d)          (PW) A Fundraising Event at The Laskett and another at Clive Richards’s house are to be finalised for 2013. The Quiz and Curry Night will go ahead in the Annexe on 29th Sept. Action (SF) and (SC)


(e)          (SC)

(i)            Reported arrangements for Walsingham Pilgrimage are going ahead with 44 confirmed places booked.

(ii)           The Church has enough stewards to be opened through 3 Choirs Week and allow visitors to view the Exhibition of Antique Vestments, other artefacts and photographs.

(iii)         Annex funds are continuing to grow 50% of money needed has been collected. The re-painting went well but the state of the roof is a concern and it should be feasible to do that first before progressing to other areas as funds permit. Action (SC) and Annexe Committee.


  1. 10.                 (SB) Finance

(i)            Written report. Collections from last quarter presented. A question was tabled about the workings of the parish finances and whether the finance committee ought to minute their actions and publish what funds are now available for church repairs, the annexe and then report to PAC. We need to differentiate between ‘fundraising’ and ‘finance’. It was agreed that this should be followed up. Action (SC)


  1. 11.                 Evangelisation: (JC) reported that the Deanery has organised a ‘breakfast’ meeting for Catholic Men. – A new Cafe course is to be set up for ‘The Year of Faith’ as well as ideas to be sought from parishioners.

(Fr M) commented on the need to get the RCIA on a better footing and will be looking for parishioners to come forward as catechists. Bridgend Parish who received 15 adults into the church last year, were cited as following ‘best practice’ and worth contacting Action (FrM).


  1. Matters raised by parishioners:

(i)            (SC) Can we have more Marian hymns? Yes when appropriate

(ii)           If ‘Peter’s Pence’ collected Sunday it would have been a bigger total than on Friday? – Archdiocese ordered collection on Friday.


  1. AOB:

(i)                 Suggested date for the Parish AGM Wednesday 26th September @ 7.00 pm in SFX School (subject to agreement of the new Headteacher). Action (PW) to write to new Headteacher inviting her to join PAC and ask for permission to use school hall.

Action (PW) to collate reports from parish groups.


  1. Dates of next meetings:


Thursday 6th September at 7.15 pm.

Wednesday 3rd October at 7.15 pm.