Minutes for 7th March 2013


  1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Pat Maclean (PMac), Marin Thomas (Marin T) Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) Ella Cwiertnia (EC), Maria Jones (MJ), and Paul Williams(PW). 


  1. 2.    Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.


  1. Apologies: Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF) Joseph Thachetu (JT), Stephen Booth (SB), Thomas Kottuppallil(TK), John Cook (JC), Brenda Williams (BW) Diana Pearce (DP).


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 07.11.12. were signed as a true record of the meeting. 


  1. Matters arising:


  • 5a) Work on establishing whether parishes need to register for the Data Protection Act continues. Action (SC)
  • 5c) The qualifying age of ‘Youth Members’ is suggested 25 on ballot forms. The PAC decided to accept this.
  • 12b) Tesco Vouchers. We are still looking for someone to co-ordinate at SFX i.e. take orders, collect money and ensure Belmont Parish get paid on time. PAC accept it that £30 return on £1000 orders is very small Action (SC, SB)
  • Fr Stephen Fawcett’s talk was well attended by 80 people and went well.
  • Wednesday Word. (Fr M) circulated copies and it was agreed that we should print some for the Parish on a trial weekly basis to determine if people wanted them Action (PW)
  • Average Mass attendance in the October 2012 Mass Count was 314
  • Fr Richard has yet to be approached re Ordinariate Mass/Collection. Action (Fr M)
  • Amount to be charged when choirs or other groups hire the Church is yet to be determined Action (SC, SF, Fr M)
  • Deanery Bar-B-Que has yet to be organised but (MJ) has offered to source supplies, using staff discount from Sainsbury’s.
  • Corpus Christi Procession on 2nd June will begin with Mass at 10.00am and begin procession at 11.00 am to allow others from the deanery to join. (SC) reports DAC happy with arrangements.
  • JP II Shrine. Progress on fund raising (£460) has been reported to the Parish in Bulletin dated 23/24th February. Fr M has seen a kneeler but it is in Rome and costs 450 Euros. However shipping would be 600 Euros. It may be possible to have it brought to England by returning Seminarians Action (Fr M). Polish Community may also be able to help. Action (EC)


  1. Fr Michael’s Report:

a)   3 baptisms and 4 deaths and a wedding since last meeting.

b)   A new initiative from the government will allow charities to claim gift aid on small cash donations of £20 or less that were previously outside the system, up to £5000 per year. There is very little extra paperwork involved. Action (SC)

c)    35 children from the school and parish groups made their First Confessions. (Fr M) wishes to record his thanks to the Catechists and teachers who had prepared the children so well.

d)   Fund raising. A successful Parish Fair raised £4000 thanks to Paul and Stuart and everyone else who contributed. Thanks should also go to Beryl and Maria for their work putting on the Thanksgiving Lunch.

e)   The Lent Lunches for CAFOD are going well and expect to exceed last year’s total of £400. Thanks to Jane, Margaret and their team.

f)     The ‘Xavier Saviour’ Fund Raising Group met recently and letters have gone to a number of charitable trusts – it’s slow going, but we can expect a 10% ‘strike rate’.

g)   The Historic Churches Committee will be at SFX next week. If we get the go-ahead from the Diocese, work could begin in April or May.

h)   The talk by James Potter was inspiring and about 50 people enjoyed his clear presentation style.

i)     ‘Training and Reflection’ for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist took place on 17th February. 3 new members joined the team and they will be commissioned on Maundy Thursday along with re-commissioning for current extraordinary ministers.

j)     Lent Stations of the Cross These are ecumenical services and other denominations are welcome to attend or even led them.

k)   Belmont Chapter discussions took place regarding work in the Herfordshire parishes and it was agreed to continue to look after SFX as long as diocese, the parish want it and man-power available.

l)     The ‘Friends’ of St Francis Xavier wish to have a plaque. The probable position (at the back of the Church) was shown to PAC and it would be in white/yellow stone. The proposed inscription in Latin says: ‘To the Glory of God – This building was restored due to the generosity of the Parishioners and Friends of St Francis Xavier’s Church 2003’.


  1. Youth Matters:

a)     (Melbin T) and (Marin T) The Youth Club meetings continue to be well attended though the last meeting had to be cancelled because of other commitments for the leaders. Next meeting will be a celebration of St Patrick’s day.


  1. Reports from members:

a)     (PMac) (i) The Marriage Mass was missed. Fr M reported that the turn out in 2012 was very disappointing and so he felt we should ‘rest’ it for a year and pick it up again next year. However it needs early preparation and will not ‘just happen’ by itself. Action after next Christmas (PMac)

(ii) Fr Polycarp. The Cake Sale seemed to go well, but coulsd we have an annual retiring collection for Fr Polycarp and adopt him as a parish? . PAC felt a regular cake sale may be more productive than yet another retiring collection, and we get many requests for help each week. As Fr Polycarp has parish connections through a parish family we should look to adopt him – how we will do this we will discuss at a future meeting. Action (PAC)

b)     (TK, Melbin T) Could we have another warning regarding parking restrictions outside church on a Sunday, published in Newsletter? Agreed Action (PW)

c)      (MJ) (i) 6 children made their First Confession. Attendance at Children’s Liturgy at 9.00 am Mass on Sunday is generally going up. We host Passion Sunday with the Cathedral this year and expect large numbers. Many of the Children’s Liturgy leaders have agreed to help.

(ii) Will the parish fund some more basic resources for Children’s Liturgy? Agreed. Action (MJ) give bill to office.

(iii) Expecting large crowd this Sunday (Mother’s Day) and also planning ahead for St Patrick’s Day and Trinity Sunday.

d)     (EC) (i) The JP II Shrine So far we have collected £460 and we will continue to collect until the summer. We hope to purchase the picture in Cracow and if possible have it blessed by a Polish Cardinal.

(ii) An English version of the Collection Envelopes will be printed. Action (EC)

(iii) The Presentation on JP II that Fr Andrew put on would be welcome again is this possible? Action (Fr M)

(iv)We intend to launch a newspaper in English/Polish and other languages for the farm workers of Herefordshire. It will not be purely a Catholic paper but will contain all kinds of useful information and news about the County. Herefordshire Council have promised help. (Action EC)

e)     (PW) (i) A Race Night has been organised for 26th April at SFX School for the Building Funds Action (PW)

(ii) There is enough money in the 200 Club to spend £1000 on new chairs and tables for the Annexe- Agreed. Action (PW,BW, SC)

f)       (SB) As reported by (PW). Could members’ reports be circulated prior to meetings? – Yes this could be done but no-one should feel that because they did not circulate a report that their contribution is not welcome. In other words please circulate reports but this is optional. Action (ALL)

g)     (SC) (i) Deanery Walsingham Pilgrimage. Provisional date is 10th-12th July 2013 50 places only.

(ii) Days out are planned for senior members of the parish Action (PW,SC) to approach St Anne’s Guild to determine viability – future trips for other groups could result.

(iii) Parish Days out to be opened to deanery e.g. trip to Birmingham Oratory

(iv) We welcome ideas for other events

(v) PAC elections are due for 2 adults and 1 Youth. Action (PW) to organise notice in Newsletter, nomination forms and if necessary, ballot papers. Nominations to close 8th April.


  1. Finance:

a)     Report of collections attached.


  1. 10.                 Matters raised by parishioners:

a)     (SC) (i) read out a letter asking for re-instatement of full list of the sick to be read out at Masses. Agreed this was a concern to many others. We should consult widely in the Parish to gauge opinion before final decision. (ii) Lynn Surtees has offered her services to represent SFX at Churches Together alongside (SB).

(iii) Would SFX join in Churches together ‘Night of Churches’ in September? In principle yes Action (Fr M) to look at detail

b)     Could we have an Easter Garden in Church similar to Christmas Crib? Yes Action (Melbin T Marin T)

c)      Teas and Coffees. We continue to look out for volunteers to run this service. When we have been successful in this we will then move forward on additional help for the service. Action (SC) note in Newsletter. For some parishioners, concern over Hymns continues.


  1. AOB:

a)     None


  1. Dates of next meetings:


Wednesday 24th April at 7.15 pm.

Thursday 23rd May 2013 at 7.15 pm.



The Meeting closed with a prayer at 9.12 pm