Minutes for 6th September 2012


  1. Welcome to all those present: Fr Michael (FrM), Stephen Cleeve, Chairman (SC), Pat Maclean (PMac), Thomas Kottuppallil(TK), Marin Thomas (Marin T) Melbin Thomas (Melbin T) Ella Cwiertnia (EC), John Cook (JC), Maria Jones (MJ), Brenda Williams (BW) and Paul Williams(PW). The Chairman also extended a warm welcome to Mrs Diana Pearce (DP), the new Headteacher of St Francis Xavier’s School.


  1. 2.    Opening prayer: The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr Michael.


  1. Apologies: Stuart Fox, Vice Chairman (SF) Joseph Thachetu (JT), Stephen Booth (SB), Tom Allen has been accepted at University and so tended his resignation as youth member. The PAC wish it to be recorded that it will miss Tom and to minute thanks to him for his hard work not only on the PAC but also as Children’s Liturgy volunteer and for his dedication as an altar server.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of 19.07.12 were signed as a true record of the meeting. 


  1. Matters arising:


  • 8(e) Work on establishing whether parishes need to register for the Data Protection Act continues. Action (SC)
  • 9(d) The completed consultation papers re The Broad Street refurbishment Plans were returned to the Council offices.
  • 9(f) Migrant Workers: Fr Michael raised the issue at the last deanery meeting where it was agreed to contact the liaison officer of Herefordshire Council. Action (FR M)
  • 6It was good to see the photo of our Corpus Christi Procession in ‘Catholic People’.
  • 8(c) The collection for the Shrine to Blessed John Paul II has reached £545 and newsletter item was inserted on 25/26th August.
  • 10(b) The question of ‘Finance’ and Fundraising has yet to be resolved Action (SC), (PW).



  1. Fr Michael’s Report:
  • 3 Baptisms and no deaths since last meeting
  • (Fr M) presided at 2 weddings of parishioners though these took place elsewhere – Peterchurch and Belmont.
  • The Three Choirs Festival seemed to go well and we are grateful to Margaret Cleeve and the Stewards for keeping the Church open. Also thanks go to Mary Roberts and Margaret for the display of vestments and photos. The concert by Fretwork was enjoyed by many but it seems that it is time to review the contribution the Festival organisers give to the Church for use of its facilities for concerts.
  • The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St John Kemble on 19th August was well attended and blessed with fine weather. (Unusual for this year).
  • The Chicken and Pasta Night on 4th August in aid of Annex funds was most enjoyable. We thank Margaret Large, Beryl Daw and her team for the good amount of money raised for the Annex Fund.
  • Today marks the anniversary of the death of Pamela Lady Pidgeon. We pray for her and ask that she be remembered as a most generous benefactress of St Francis Xavier’s.


  1. Youth Matters:
  • There has been some movement on the question of reviving the Parish Youth Club. After a conversation between Lauren and (BW) - the following was agreed


a)   Lauren will provide ‘in service’ training for the volunteers when the club is up and running 

b)   A planning session will be set up with the young leaders taking a major role in decision making such as when to meet, activities and general running of the club.  (Lauren to attend if free) Action (BW), (Marin T) and (Melbin T) plus others not on PAC but who may be able to help.  



  1. AGM
  • To be held on Wednesday 26th September at 7.30 pm in the hall at St Francis Xavier’s School.
  • Newsletter item this week needs to say what the AGM is and that lifts are available Action (PW)
  • Light refreshments will be served. Action (DP), (BW), (PW).
  • Reports, including FR Michael’s and the Chairman’s to be presented as last year. Action (PW) to co-ordinate and print copies for circulation.


  1. Reports from members:


a)    (DP) ‘A big ‘thank you’ to everyone for the wonderful welcome to the parish and I look forward to working with everyone’.

b)    (MJ)

  • Children’s Liturgy will begin again this Sunday 9th September. We still need to recruit more leaders.
  • The Hereford Catholic Conference on 5th-7th October will mean no Children’s Liturgy on the Sunday. Not a problem as there will be 2 Baptisms during the 9.00 am Mass and any children can stay in for the whole Mass Action (Fr M)

c)    (EC)

  • Some of the Polish community are asking for separate Masses in Polish (There is a Polish Mass once a month at Our Lady’s. If the Polish people want more then the organisation that organises once a month should respond.)
  • Others in the Polish Community believe that more integration into ordinary parish life would be more beneficial. (In that case more notices in Polish, Bidding prayers printed/translated/spoken in Polish might help)
  • When the shrine of Pope John Paul II is established more integration will happen but it will be a slow and gradual process.
  • Evening of ‘Polish Christmas Food’ planned for December.
  • Although (EC) will be away for 3 months from the end of September she will keep in contact via Regina Harrison and e-mail.


d)    (PW) Reminder about the date of the Christmas Fair in Shirehall 24th November. Stall holders Meeting 1st October. Action (SF and PW)

e)    (SC) Annexe re-furbishment Sub Committee has abandoned the expensive architects plans for something less ambitious yet still fulfils building regulations etc - expect progress in 6-8 weeks. Roof is priority and then see how much money we have left.


  1. 10.                 Finance

a)    It was the decision of the PAC that there should be better and more frequent communication between the PAC and it’s Finance Committee

b)    It was also decided that Fr M should ask the Finance Committee to meet and take minutes that should then be shared with the PAC.

c)    Finally to aid clarity of the financial position of the parish a distinction should be drawn between ‘fund raising’ and ‘finance’ in the parish.


  1. 11.                 Year of Faith

a)    Starting on 11th October and lasting a whole year, we are asked by the Pope to reflect on ‘who we are’, ‘strengthen our faith’, ‘deepen our prayer life’ and ‘develop our relationship with God’. We are called to ‘strengthen our Church’ and ‘reach out to those not in the Church’.

b)    Attached are 3 pages of suggestions broken down into monthly targets.

c)    A diary has been ordered for every member of the parish, in which they can put key dates and events.

d)    We will produce pledge cards for each parishioner who will be asked to sign up to put their thoughts into actions. These will be small mangeable things and something people are willing to commit to.  Action (JC and BW).

e)    As Fr Michael will be away on the 11th October we will have our launch on his return, the weekend of the 27th/28th October.

f)     We want the biggest start as possible to make maximum impact and to be the impetus to keep us going for the whole year.

Therefore we will use

  • The Bulletin
  • The Homily
  • Youth Club
  • Posters
  • Children’s Liturgy
  • Primary/Secondary schools
  • Speakers (local and others)
  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Website

Action (All)






  1. Matters raised by parishioners:

a)    (Fr.M) in answer to John McGregor question about the Graves of Jesuits buried in Cathedral Close research by the Cathedral authorities shows that one grave is for a parish Priest named Fr Anderton. The second grave would appear to belong not to a priest but to a priest’s helper who was not therefore in the Jesuits. It could be possible to list all the priests who served the parish since the 1700’s on a plaque or board somewhere in the Narthex or close by. Action (Fr M and PW)              



  1. AOB:

a)    None.


  1. Dates of next meetings:


Wednesday 3rd October at 7.15 pm.

Wednesday 7th November at 7.15 pm.