Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 20th October 2011

Present: Father Michael, Paul Williams (PW), Stephen Cleeve (SC), Maria Jones (MJ), Maggie Daron (MD), John Cook (JC), Stuart Fox (SF), Stephen Booth (SB),. Brenda Williams (BW), Regina Harrison (RH).

Apologies: Thomas Kottapullil (TK), Melbin Thomas (MT).

The Meeting was opened with a Prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting of 7th September 2011 were accepted as a true record.

Matters arising:  


a. A discussion about the new translation of the Missal and Holy Mass (Para 2g of previous minutes), revealed that the generally positive response within SFX has not been mirrored throughout the Deanery.

b. After Chris Moore had decided to resign from the post of Parish Administrator (Para 3c of previous minutes), PW has taken up the post.  PW raised the question of possible conflict of interest between the Administrator's post and that of Chairman of the PAC.  After discussion it was decided that any decision be deferred until after the upcoming PAC elections.  Fr Michael thanked PW for taking on the responsibility.

c. SF will talk to Parishioners after the Christmas Fair about the Parish Questionnaire (Para 5 of the previous minutes).  

Father Michael's report:

Fr Michael explained that due to his having been away for two weeks, the report would be brief:



 a. Thanks were expressed for those who helped keep the Church open for the Heritage Open Days.

b. The Holy Ghost Fathers appeal raised about £500.  Fr Michael has received a letter of thanks.  

c. The Parish AGM has taken place there was a slight increase in the numbers attending.

d. The Hereford Catholic Conference took place 8th, 9th and 10th October.


3. Fr Michael had met with an old friend, who had promised a donation of £10,000 to the Annexe Refurbishment Fund.  There may be an increase in the donation later.  Fr Michael was asked to pass on the thanks of the Parish.

Member's Reports


a. SC:  SC proposed that the minutes of the AGM be circulated to members of the PAC for perusal and subsequent release in draft form in order that Parishioners do not have to wait a year before they are able to read and comment on the minutes.  Agreed.

b. MJ:  

(i)  A meeting of those involved in Children's liturgy after Mass on16th October.  Sessions are covered up to January 15th 2012.  

(ii)  MJ suggested that the outer door to the Annexe be locked during Children's liturgy to prevent interruption by those seeking tea or coffee before the end of Mass.  Key to be in the lock for safety.  Agreed

(iii)  MJ proposed that a special Children's liturgy be planned for Christmas Day Mass.  Agreed

c. BW:  BW now has a date for a meeting at Belmont for more Safeguarding training.

d. SB:  

(i)  SB reported that the Archdiocese is happy to consider charging maintenance costs to the Reserve Fund.

(ii)  Collections are rising slightly, but we should not become complacent.

e. MD:

(i)  The School had celebrated a nice Harvest Mass.  The food and goods donated were sent to the Nuns at the Poor Clare Convent.

(ii)  A "Pink Day" will be held on 21st October for Breast Cancer. 

(ii)  There is an intent to co-operate closer with St Mary's in charity fundraising during Lent 2012. The school will raise funds to contribute to the excellent work being carried out at St. Mary's supporting a school in Tanzania..

f. SF: 

(i)   SF gave a report on the Christmas Fair

Some new ideas
Fewer, but better auction items - pre-bids will be possible
There will be more on the stage for children
The raffle tickets have been produced
A day at SFX School when the children can bring in tombola gifts
Preparation is ticking along

(ii)  Andy Milne will produce the historical information on the Church to be uploaded to the Parish website.

NET and NET Mass Leaflet


a. NET members continue to hold regular meetings.  About 80 people had attended the recent talk on sexuality.   (Fr Michael thought that the guest speaker had presented well and enthused the audience).

b. JC presented a draft copy of the proposed leaflet "Why go to Mass?"  He asked for comments.  A number of suggestions were made and it was agreed that the concept is sound and should be taken forward.

c. It is hoped to hold a film night at Lugwardine Court on 6th December.  The film will be "The Nativity" and it is hoped to show Polish subtitles.

d. He suggested that a Ministry of Welcomers be formed.  The greeting of (especially newcomers) was considered to be vital in ensuring a good impression to those attending Mass.  This was agreed and it was thought that this could be allied with a desire to increase the number of stewards.

Matters raised by Parishioners


a. Has there been progress in recruiting more stewards?  SB is liaising with Fr Michael, but see also Para 5d above.

b. The folder of hymn revisions has been received.  They will be reviewed by Fr Michael who will report back to the PAC.

c. There have been concerns raised by a number of Parishioners about the Xavier Parish magazine.  Some were disappointed that they had submitted items which had not been published with no explanation as to why.  Others felt that it was not representative of the whole Parish.  After dicussion it was agreed that it had to have a broader appeal and more divers content.  Deadlines for receipt of material and production had to be discussed with the editorial group and then set.

d. Is it possible to send a letter of thanks to Jim Knowles for his involvement in the Annexe Refurbishment Project.  It was agreed that this would be done verbally at the forthcoming meeting of the sub-committee.

e. Parishioners who attend the Saturday Vigil Mass were not well represented at the recent AGM.  It was thought that this was merely a reflection of the low percentage vis a vis numbers attending both Sunday Masses.  

f. MD reported that there would be a future saving of £1,400 to Church Funds as the Archdiocese had agreed that the second payment of insurance for the School is not necessary.

g. MD presented the Deanery Education Report.  After discussion, it was agreed that a letter be sent to the Archdiocese to stress that some of the points contained within the report were not considered to be unanimously agreed by all the schools in the Deanery. schools in the Deanery. Before such a letter is written, Father Michael said that he would speak to the Abbot and liaise further with MD and Marie Williams, chair of governors.

h. It was requested that the Parish Together Day be a formal Agenda point for the next meeting.  Agreed SC will action

i.  Fr Michael had been asked by a number of Parishioners who attend the Wednesday and Friday lunchtime Mass could start at 1:10 pm instead of 1:00pm.  This would allow those working in the area to be there at the start of Mass.  It was agreed that Fr Michael should poll those who attend the Masses.


7. SF raised the question of elections to the PAC.  Proposal forms will be prepared and placed in the Newsletter for the weekends 29/30th October and 5/6th November.  Voting forms will then be available (if necessary) on the following two weeks.  SC action

8. The dates for the next meetings were set for Thursday 24th November 2011 and Wednesday 11th January 2012 both at 7.15pm.  

There being no further business to discuss after a closing prayer the meeting was closed at 9:45pm.